CAT 2018 Slot 1 & 2 Analysis Sectional/ Overall on 25th November

CAT 2018 Analysis

IIM Calcutta has conducted CAT 2018 today (25th November). To get insights of CAT 2018 Analysis we met and attained mix of opinions. By collecting the feedback, we have given below detailed analysis of CAT 2018 Examination SLOT 1/ SLOT 2.

What are the Highlights of CAT 2018 ?

It was surely on the expected lines that IIM every year bring up some surprises for all of us.
1) Which part was the toughest? Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
2) Any tougher section? Yes,Quantitative Aptitude section was tougher. Here, questions were time consuming and calculative. TITA Questions were unexpectedly on the cards.
3) Now, any easier section ? Then yes, Verbal Ability is more on the easier side.
4) So, the saga is, CAT 2018 has been tougher than the previous year CAT Exam.

CAT 2018 Analysis – Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

Below we have critically detailed question structure :
Reading Comprehension was of particular 24 questions
There were 4 passages with five questions and 1 passage with four questions
Parajumbles included 4 questions
Odd one out: section consisted 3 questions
Summary consisted 3 questions

Objective type question was there in Reading Comprehension and Summary ,

Summary concluded: The section was much on the easier side. Was [it was easier than the last year? Then yes, it was easier than last year paper. To score 90 percentile you at least need 17-19 questions correct in this section.

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis – Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

Get details of Question Structure here:
Here, you can get 8 sets of 4 questions each. A total of 24 questions had negative marking for the wrong answers. Whereas the other 8 has no negative marking scheme. Therefore, there was no set of TITA questions.

> CAT 2018 Result & Cut off

On the difficulty side, this section was tougher. As far as difficulty level is measured, it is unfair to have some sections so tougher and some easy. There should be a balance in examination like CAT. It is significantly noticed that CAT last year exam was much more shows equality of questions asked. But comparatively, this year the difficulty level is on its peak. As a matter of fact, this kind of CAT paper was not expected. Last 3 years to paper structure:
What happen in CAT 2016?  Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation was most toughest section.
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation was slightly on the tougher side in CAT 2017.
Else, In CAT 2018, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation was the most toughest section.

Summary:  This section was really tough. It was at the same level as CAT previous year. Approx 11 questions should be correct to score 90 percentile in the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section of this year. 

CAT 2018 Exam Analysis – Quantitative Aptitude

Question Structure depicted CAT 2018 Quantitative Aptitude

It was clear that Arithmetic dominated the section of  Quantitative Aptitude in CAT 2018. There were 12-13 questions in this section.
Geometry, Algebra and Modern Maths was in next tier. There were almost no questions of Number System.

A total of 21 questions had been given negative marking for incorrect answers. Thus, The number of TITA questions is higher than what it was from the last year. All in all TITA questions were high in number.

There were 34 questions of Quantitative aptitude. There were, in total, 8 Questions of the Non-MCQ type and the rest were MCQs. The difficulty level was lower in CAT 2016 and 2015.  These questions were designed to test aspirants basic fundamentals.Two-thirds of the  questions were from Algebra and Arithmetic. In some of MCQs, options served to be very helpful to guess the answer. 6-7 questions were from Geometry and Mensuration, more than the previous year. Modern Mathematics only had three questions.

Questions in Algebra were more of focused on Inequalities and Quadratic equations, which was not expected. Arithmetic questions were focused on TSD & Profit- Loss. There were a good number of questions from Geometry with one question including permutation. 28 attempts with 99 percent accuracy would be needed for 100 percentile.

Summary is that this section was on the tougher side and lenghthy. You could easily find  it was almost as tough as the LRDI section. CAT Aspirants were expecting it to be much easier than LRDI but that wasn’t the case of this year. It was definitely tougher than the Quantitative Aptitude section of last year CAT Examination. You would need to solve approximately 13-18 questions correctly to score 90% percentile in the Quantitative Aptitude section of 2018 CAT Exam.

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