CBSE 10th Blue Print 2018 Marking Scheme, Exam Pattern, Weightage

CBSE X Marking Scheme

CBSE 10th Blue Print 2018 Marking Scheme, Exam Pattern, CBSE 10th Class Blue Print Download PDF, Check CBSE X Syllabus 2018, CBSE 10th Practice paper (All subjects), CBSE 10th Guess paper Download

The Central Board of Secondary Education announced the new pattern of exams for class 10th. The board also announces the new marking and assessment scheme for the CBSE class 10th Exams 2017-18. Therefore, from this academic session, there is a complete change in exam pattern of class 10th Exams. The CBSE will follow its new exam pattern along with new marking scheme in exams of class 10th. Check here CBSE 10th Blue Print 2018 PDF from the official site.

CBSE 10th Blue Print 2018

As per the new guidelines of the Central Board of Secondary Education, in the new pattern of exam assessment, there is no place for CCE as well as term system. Both of these have been eliminated from the CBSE assessment scheme. From the session 2017-18, in class 10th, the students have to give only one annual exams which will be conducted by CBSE only. This final annual exam will consist of 80 marks only. However, the 20 marks will be awarded for the internal assessment. These internal assessment’s marks will be given by the respective schools of the class 10th students. So, the dual scheme of class 10th that is Scheme I and Scheme II are no longer exists in the system of CBSE for class 10th. CBSE 10th Blue Print 2018 to be checked from here soon!

CBSE 10th Time Table 2018 – Download Now

CBSE X Marking Scheme 2018

Check here some, CBSE X Marking Scheme 2018 can be seen here:

Total marks= 100 marks
(Syllabus for assessment is for Class-X only)
Subjects 80 Marks
(Board Examination)Student should score
33% marks out of 80
marks in each subjectin order to pass the exam.
20 Marks
(Internal Assessment)Student must score 33% marks out of 20 marks in each subject for getting pass in exams.
Periodic Test
(10 Marks)
(5 Marks)
Subject Enrichment
(5 Marks)
(i) (ii) (iii)
Language 1 Board will conduct Class-X Examination for 80 marks in each subject which will cover 100% syllabus of the subject of Class-X only.Marks and Grades both will be awarded for Individual subjects.9-point grading will be same as followed by the Board in Class XII. Periodic
written Test,
restricted to
three in each
subject in an
Year. Average of the best two tests to be taken for
final marks
This will cover:Regularity
CompletionNeatness &
upkeep of
Speaking and listening skills
Language 2 Speaking and listening skills
Science Practical Lab work
Mathematics Math Lab Practical
Social Science Map Work and Project Work
6th Additional Subject Scheme of studies for 6th additional subject is detailed in Annexure – I.Note: In case student opts a language as 6th additional subject the modalities defined for Languages 1 and 2 shall be followed.

CBSE Periodic Tests- 10 Marks

Each and every school which is affiliated to CBSE will conduct the 3 periodic test in the academic year of class 10th. The exams will be conducted as per the wish of school. They can be conducted at any time in the year. Each periodic test will cover certain portion of syllabus every time.

CBSE 12th date Sheet 2018 – Check here

Notebook submission

The submission of notebook will carry 5 marks. The step is taken to enhance the ability of students in making noted for the classroom and assignments. The main aspects of this are punctuality, neatness and regularity.

<< 10th Time Table 2018 >>

Blueprint of Subjects

  • English Communicative
    • Section A: Reading- 15 Marks
    • Section B: Writing- 20 Marks
    • Section C: Grammar: 15 Marks
    • Section D: Literature- 20 marks
    • Long Reading Text- 10 marks
  • Science
    • Section A: Very Short Answers: 12 marks (12 questions of 1 marks each)
    • Section B: Short Answers: 12 marks (6 questions of 2 marks each)
    • Section C: Short Answers: 36 marks (12 questions of 3 marks each)
    • Section D: Long Answers: 30 marks (6 questions of 5 marks each)
  • Social Studies
    • Section A: Very Short Answers: 8 marks
    • Section B: Short Answers: 42 marks (14 questions of 3 marks each)
    • Section C: Long Answers: 40 marks (8 questions of 5 marks each)

<< 12th Time Table 2018 >>

Number of Questions in Board Exam 2018

Mathematics Question Paper New Chapters Weightage Marks
1 Number System Algebra 06
2 Number System 20
3 Geometry 06
4 Co-ordinate Geometry 15
5 Trigonometry 12
 6 Mensuration 10
 7 Statistics And Probability 11
Total Marks 80
Marks Total Questions

1 Mark


2 Marks


3 Marks


4 Marks




Science Question Paper New Chapters Weightage Marks
1 World of Living 25
2 Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour 23
3 Effects of Current 12
4 Natural Phenomena 13
5 Natural Resources 07
Total Marks 80
Internal Assessment 80
Grand Total 100


Questions Type Weightage per Question Total Questions Total Marks
VSA 1 2 2
SA I 2 3 6
SA II 3 10 30
LA 5 6 30
Practical Based (PBQ) 2 6 12
Total  27 80


English Paper New

Sections Chapters Weightage Marks
1 Writing Skills with Grammar 30
2 Reading Skills 20
3 Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text 30
Total 80


Social Science Paper New Chapter Name Weightage Marks
1 India and The Contemporary World-II Contemporary India-II 20
2 India and The Contemporary World-II 20
3 Understanding Economic Development 20
4 Democratic Politics-II 20
Total 80


CBSE 12TH Class Maths Expected Bue Print 

We providing here CBSE 12th Class Blue Print In PDF Formate. Students can check and Download 12th Bue Print.

CBSE 12th Board Blue Print 2018 

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