(5th March) CBSE 12th Physics Paper Analysis 2019 & Reactions

cbse physics paper analysis 2019

CBSE 12th Physics Paper Analysis 2019: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has Conducted the 12th Physics Exam Today. We provided here Paper analysis for Students. SO, Students can check here CBSE 12th Physics Difficulty and Weigtage of the Paper. We Provided here which questions difficult in the Exam. Today Physics Exam was very hard for students According to students. Main key points :

” Start your Paper with Section D and then opt for Section C, followed by Section A and B. Reason behind, starting paper with Section D is that it is higher in weightage and scoring for all students”

The CBSE has Conducted the Exam on 05th March 2019. Last year The CBSE Conducted the 12th Physics Exam in March 2019. But this year running for some departmental issues the CBSE has Conducted the 12th Physics Exam on 5th March 2019. Students can know Exam Analysis from our website. we provided here All Exam papers analysis. Students Stay Connected with our website to know CBSE 12th Physics Paper Analysis 2019.

CBSE 12th Physics Paper Analysis 2019

The CBSE has Conducted the 12th Board Exam Today 5th March 2019. According to Students, the Exam paper was very hard for all students. After the Exam students See unhappy today. According to students The Exam not Easy. Every student worried about Paper. So, we provided here CBSE 12th Physics Exam difficulty and Weigtage for all students. Then, students can know Circumstances of the Paper. Students Hope well for this Exam to Attempt Good Marks but the Exam was so hard. Every student sees Worried about the Paper.

India Today got talking to experienced Board examiner, a senior Physics teacher od CBSE, with 20 years of teaching experience, about the standard of the CBSE 2019 Class 12 Physics paper, and how students could be expected to fare in the results.

“The question paper has questions of mixed difficulty levels, with both easy and conceptual questions,” he says.
According to reports, the Physics paper had quite a few tricky questions, especially in Sections B.

cbse physics paper analysis 2019

cbse 12th physics paper analysis 2019

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The Board examiner states that the following three questions were especially difficult for students to work through in the stressed conditions of an examination hall.

  • One 2-mark question regarding electric and magnetic field (Q 10 from Set 3)
  • One 3-mark question regarding two identical coils (Q 22 of Set 3)
  • One 5-mark question from the topic of Alternative Current, where the graph was given and the device was asked to be identified
  • The alternative choice for the 5-mark question consists of a numerical problem, which too is quite tricky and requires much analysis on the part of the examinee

Chakraborty lauds a certain 3-mark question where a diagram is given with a semiconductor and the effect of temperature dependence of semiconductor is asked indirectly. “This is a very good question. It’s not too tough but requires students to use basic concepts,” he says.

Let’s See Previous Exam Paper of Physics

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Very Hard Paper For Everybody

According to students, the Paper was not smooth for Everybody. The Students hope for Exam That the Exam will be Easy this year. but this is hopeless for students. This year also The Exam Paper Very hard According to Last year. Previous Year Physics Exam was very hard and Difficult. So, now again this year the Paper has very hard.  All students have seen so sad about the Paper.

“Overall, the Physics paper this year can bring good marks for very good students, but it isn’t going to scoring for average students. It wasn’t a very smooth paper for everybody,” according to Teachers conclusion.

The CBSE Class 12 board exams 2019 started on 5th March 2019 and the first paper which was conducted that of English (English Elective/English Elective-C/ English Core). This year, a total of 19, 85,397 students from class 12th appearing for the board examinations.


“The paper was bit lengthy and had tricky questions,” said a class 12 students in an exclusive interview with India Today.

Another student said, “Section B had application based questions.”

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