NDA 2 Paper Analysis 9th Sept 2018 – Student’s Experience & Reaction

NDA 2 paper Analysis

NDA 2 Paper Analysis 2018

NDA 2 was conducted on 9th September 2018 in almost all regions of the country. There were various Exam centres in all regions conducting NDA 2 on Sunday, 9th Sep 2018. So, to understand the entire NDA 2 Exam Paper, we have encompassed briefing one of the candidate which have attended the Examination of National Defence Academy 2 on this Sunday.

In Reality, the conjecture of NDA 2 Exam 2018 is not too tough to understand. Obviously, those candidates who had attended the Exam will understand NDA 2 Exam Analysis more distinctly. Apart from this, NDA is of the statured examination in our country.

NDA 2 Paper Experience on 9th September 2018

On Sunday, I gave NDA 2 exam 2018. There are two modes in this exam. First was Mathematics and second was a general ability test. When I entered my exam centre with my brother, there were so many NDA candidates who appeared for the exam. After I entered my classroom, I saw there supervisor, who checked us for admit card of the candidates and allow us for the exam. Approx 10:00 am my first paper (mathematics) start, teachers gave an answer booklet series. I entered the classroom a few seconds before, the paper was started. After I observed the paper, the paper was very easy. So, I get started by writing down the paper, then I began with completing the answer booklet. I have done exact 98 questions with the given time. I have confidence that all my questions are correct. Just waiting for the cut off and Results.

NDA 2 2018 Expected Cutoff

NDA 2 Exam Student’s Reaction

NDA 2 Exam Student Reaction: After the paper was completed at 12:30, supervisor collected all answer series and gave permission to go back for rest time. By the time I rested and get back to the Exam centre. Now the second paper (GAT) begins at 2:00 pm. Observer (police) observe all candidate, who were appeared in the first exam. When I entered the exam room, maximum candidates took their answer booklet series. The supervisor came to the room and gave an answering series for the paper. By the beginning, I also observe the paper carefully.

The paper consisted of first English and other General Science and knowledge section. English contains max. (50que.) G&k (100ques.) First I completed first stage (approx. 38ques.). So, it was not tougher but slightly easy. And another stage I cleared in very less time, confidently all ques. of science are correct, but general awareness was very tough and I was not able to give the answers, approx. (35%). I had done all the questions in the GK question. After taken answer series of all candidate by exam observer.

NDA 2 Paper Analysis 2018 by Experts

Subject Duration Maximum Marks
Elementary Mathematics 2:30 hours 300
General Ability Test 2:30 hours 600

For more information regarding NDA 2 Exam 2018 make visits repeatedly. NDA 2 paper Analysis 2018 By Experts will be shortly given here. More information to be detailed here about NDA 2 Paper Analysis 2018 by Coaching Institute.

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